Primary Objective and Main Areas of Activity

The primary company’s objective is to provide meteorological suport for civil aviation flights and aviation transport operators with actual and anticipated weather condition reports on intercontrinental, international and internal air routes, at Kyiv/Boryspil, Kyiv/Zhuliany, Kyiv/Antonov-2, Kyiv/Antonov-1 aerodromes as well as at aerodromes of landing, alternate aerodromes, and also in the flight regions in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory documents effective in Ukraine, standards of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Our company is the main methodological center in the area of hydrometeorology on issues relating to the meteorological support for civil aviation inUkraine, including such duties as conducting on-the-job training, re-training specialists in aeronautical meteorology, assessing the quality of their work, testing and introducing new technologies and methodologies for predicting severe weather phenomena for aviation. The basic directions of the company activity are as follows: • A complex of meteorological observations and specialized aviation observations; • Timely provision of weather information reports to the consumers, including those on hazardous and natural weather phenomena; • Developing and dissiminating weather forecasts and warnings about dangerous weather phenomena to the consumers at such aerodromes as Kyiv/Boryspil, Kyiv/ Zhuliany, Kyiv/Antonov-2, Kyiv/Antonov-1; • Preparation of flight documentation; • Consultations for air operators; • Provision of climate and background information on specific airports at the the consumer’s request; • Study of physiographic and climatic features of air routes and airports, regional studies and tests of new methods of meteorological observations and forecasts in order to improve aeronautical meteorological support; • Carrying out proper operation and check of technical facilities, introduction of modern technologies in the production process related to the Company’s activities; • Analysis and improvement of technologies for producing, processing, and using aeronautical meteorological data, monitoring of compliance of the aeronautical meteorological information with the requirements of regulatory documents at the national and international levels; • Methodological support for aeronautical meteorological stations network in the area of meteorological support for civil aviation in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the normative legal acts; • Development and implementation of economic and social development of the Company, participation in developing and implementing programs of development of meteorological services for air navigation.