Methodological Support

SE “UAMC” is the main methodological center to provide meteorological support for the civil aviation inUkraine. SE “UAMC” provides methodological support for the civil aviation inUkrainein accordance with the “Guidelines for methodological support for the civil aviation” approved by the Head of the State Hydrometeorological Service of Ukraine onApril 30, 2004 and by the Statute of the SE “UAMC”.

The main objective of the methodological support for the civil aviation is promoting flight safety by providing meteorological support, improving the quality of meteorological services available to aviation users. A special department called the Department of Methodological Support is assigned to provide methodological support for the civil aviation.

The main tasks of the department are as follows:

  • Carrying out methodological support and cooperation with theUkraine’s AMSC network by conducting seminars-on-site trainings of the AMSC specialists; methodological inspections, comprehensive inspections of the operational documentation;
  • developing methodological recommendations, explanations on different issues of the civil aviation meteorological support.
  • Participation in the development of the new regulatory documents on organization and provision of civil aviation meteorological support.
  • Carrying out quality monitoring of the operational meteorological information (TAF, METAR, SPECI), which is complied within the AMSC network.
  • Participation and processing of the materials from international seminars, conferences on aviation meteorology.
  • Assitance in implementation of the WMO/ICAO resolutions, international standards and recommended practices of the aviation meteorological support.

In addition, the methodologists take an active part in solving the SE “UAMC” operational production problems, which allows them to be not just ”pure” theoreticians, but understand current needs and difficulties of support for the aviation operators inUkraine. The department consists of specialists from different branches of the aviation meteorology:

Oksana Vladimirovna Nikiforova: Head of the Department.

Olga Viktorivna Prokopenko:  Leading Meteorologist.

Tetiana Nikolaevna Skorohod: Leading Meteorologist.

Our specialists are known and respected not only within the Ukraine’s AMSC network, but far beyond. Specialists from the other civil aviation methodological centers seeks their advice on meteorological support.