Personnel and Organizational Structure

The company employs  highly qualified specialists in the area of meteorology, geography, equipment and modern computer systems, economics and marketing (synopticians, meteorologists, engineers in electronics, accountants, economists, lawyers). AMC Borispil provides services at Kyiv/Boryspil aerodrome. AMSC “Kyiv” renders services at Kyiv/Zhuliany, Kyiv/Antonov-2, Kyiv/Antonov-1 aerdromes. In addition to production departments, the company has the administration, which is geographically located at Boryspil airport. The administrative personnel includes: Deputy Director for Technical Development, Deputy Director for Economic and Business, Accounting Department, Head of legal group, Quality Engineer, Labor Safety Engineer, Personnel Inspector, Documentation Specialist and Referent. These specialists organize and manage financial and economic activities of the company, conduct personnel and legal policies, coordinate technical equipment, monitor the state of occupational health and safety, product quality, are engaged in document flow and manage the archive. The SE „UAMC” organizational chart

Схема організаційної структури